About Curious Mermaid


Mermaids are curious.   They always have been.   They search the seabed for treasure which may have laid there for centuries; buried deep in the sand then thrown up to the surface by a storm or found in shipwrecks or rockpools.
If you’ve crept down to the waters edge at night you may have glimpsed a mermaid sifting the pebbles for shells or fragments of glass which have been smoothed by the waves  - ideal for a mermaid to turn into a piece of jewellery.

Curious Mermaid Jewellery embodies the imagination and playfulness of a curious mermaid. It is not ‘serious’, smooth or sharply polished jewellery - each piece is unique and rugged with its own tale to tell.

Olivia Sunda designs and handmakes each piece in her seaside studio in Brighton, UK.